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Share data across the organization with Hyper-Datasets’ visual exploration tool. Automate ingestion pipelines with full versioning control capabilities, creating complete, traceable ML workflows

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Abstracted Metadata

Query and explore. Oversample and de-bias. Slice data in real-time and fine-tune the data sources streaming into tasks, experiments, and jobs to get the best model performance.

Automate Model Processing

With ClearML, data manipulations become part of the experiment, letting you automatically launch different dataset configurations without changing any code.

Dive Into Your Datasets

Abstracted dataviews use queries on metadata or annotations to create local views of remote datasets, which can be used in experiments with visibility managed through role-based access control (RBAC).

Supercharge Managing Unstructured Data

Data Engineers

Create datasets that are cataloged, versioned, and logged in ClearML with full traceability for your Data Science team. Connect your tables into fully immutable differentially stored datasets for Data Science teams to work on. Explore unstructured datasets that can be easily sliced, sorted, visualized, and previewed.

Data Scientist

Easily develop models through rapid prototyping with Hyper-datasets, ClearML’s unstructured data feature store. Data access is completely abstracted, making it simple to run different dataset configurations through model training without any extra coding. Accessing your data is easy for manipulating, querying, slicing, splitting, or sorting, enabling oversampling and debiasing. Interact with annotations (images, video, audio, or text). Create true CI/CD data ingestion models with updatable metadata queries used within experiments and introduce automation for any dataset version changes.
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ClearML is able to interface with the most popular storage solutions in the market for storing model checkpoints, artifacts, and charts.

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Easily develop, integrate, ship, and improve AI/ML models at any scale with only 2 lines of code. ClearML delivers a unified, open source platform for continuous AI. Use all of our modules for a complete end-to-end ecosystem, or swap out any module with tools you already have for a custom experience. ClearML is available as a unified platform or a modular offering: