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What is ClearML?

ClearML is an open source platform that automates and simplifies developing and managing machine learning solutions for thousands of data science teams all over the world. It is designed as an end-to-end MLOps suite allowing you to focus on developing your ML code & automation, while ClearML ensures your work is reproducible and scalable.

Architecture diagram

What Can You Do with ClearML?#

  • Track and upload metrics and models with only 2 lines of code
  • Create a bot that sends you a Slack message whenever your model improves in accuracy
  • Automatically scale AWS instances according to your resources needs
  • Reproduce experiments with 3 mouse clicks
  • Much more!

Getting started on YouTube (Playlist)#

We also have a video series that can get you started, if you're more of a video type of person :)

Watch the video

Who We Are#

ClearML is supported by you ❤️ and by the team behind, where we build even more MLOps for enterprise companies.

Join the ClearML community! Your contributions, questions, and input are always welcome. For more information, see Community Resources.