The Impact of Deep Learning on Computer Vision

September 3, 2018


“The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision”

Helen Keller.


With road injuries among the top 10 causes of deaths worldwide, game-changing innovations are needed to support the future of transportation and mobility. allegro’s platform is used for many deep learning computer vision use cases, and we are especially excited about’s contribution to safe autonomous automotive technology as a whole.

Deep learning and computer vision are transforming the way we interact with all the machines and devices in our lives, by enabling them to process what they’re seeing in real time. What allegro.aI essentially does is help companies build superior deep learning based products for computer vision applications and manage them for their entire product lifetime. Sounds very technical? Well it actually is, but that’s what you need in order to do deep learning right. automates the data pipeline process as well as  the model update, taking edge devices a significant step forward towards autonomy.

This kind of technology is so novell  that the first reaction we get from data scientists using it is “wow, this is how deep learning for computer vision should be done”. allegro instantly simplifies the process of developing and managing artificial intelligence (A.I.) – powered solutions – such as autonomous vehicles, drones, security, logistics just to name a few.

We are currently engaging in conversations with hundreds of data scientists and engineers, to understand how we can have the strongest impact on helping them do much more and in less time. Many of them are using to bypass the expensive, complex and defocusing exercise of building their own infrastructure to support datasets and models to develop A.I. powered solutions. We find that many organizations are concerned about confidentiality and use to keep complete and confidential control of their data and A.I. assets. Some of our strategic partners and customers use allegro as a solution that transforms the creation of neural networks from a one-time deal to a perpetually improving system. is committed, not just to developing this foundational technology, but also to building the open, collaborative ecosystem that is necessary to bring it to the ever growing ecosystem of companies operating in the realm of autonomous vehicles. We believe that expediting deep learning computer vision solutions is the fastest route to greater road safety for us all.

We strongly believe that deep learning should be the way data scientists and engineers overcome computer vision challenges, and not the challenge itself. We believe that allegro is here to change all that.