Re-thinking computer vision and AI tools

October 3, 2018

Your boss needs a website. Tomorrow. You register at Squarespace or WordPress, start building, and you’ve got a functional site by the afternoon.

You get to take advantage of all the tools designed over several years to reduce the effort needed to build a website. Now, imagine if you had to set up your own servers and security, and had to build the site from scratch. And think about how difficult making updates would be if you had to go back and reinterpret the code you wrote.

Re-thinking computer vision and AI tools

That’s where artificial intelligence and computer vision are right now. Up to 90% of the effort of building AI products is spent creating the foundation before getting down to the work of training the system and building models at the heart of the product.

Allegro sees this problem as an opportunity to help companies seriously get into the AI game – build the tools needed for creating computer vision products, making the process much more efficient, and let the data scientists focus on building great products rather than laying foundations.

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Imagine a future where:

  • A home security system that can recognize that the person walking through the living room isn’t a family member or guest, and that the presence of a mask and gloves is cause for concern.
  • A pool monitor that sees a child climbing over the fence, and sounds the alarm.
  • A surgical system watching an operation points out to the surgeon a hidden gauze pack that might be left inside the patient.
  • A factory automation monitor that recognizes lubricant seeping from a machine as a reason to call service.
  • A delivery drone that can determine the safest place to land in a customer’s yard.

The team here at has strived to make a much needed leap in the way AI technology is built: enabling products in the field to continue to learn and adapt to their unique surroundings. The future is exciting and we can’t wait to share it with you.


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