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First Steps

Install ClearML#

First, sign up for free

Install the clearml python package:

pip install clearml

Connect your computer to the server by creating credentials, then run the below and follow the setup instructions:


Auto-log experiment#

In ClearML, experiments are organized as Tasks.

ClearML will automatically log your experiment and code once you integrate the ClearML SDK with your code. At the begging of your code, import the clearml package

From clearml import Task

To ensure full automatic logging it is recommended to import the ClearML package at the top of your entry script.

Then initialize the Task object in your main() function, or the beginning of the script.

Task = Task.init(project_name=”great project”, task_name=”best experiment”)

Task name is not unique, it's possible to have multiple experiments with the same name. If the project does not already exist, a new one will be created automatically.

That’s it! You are done integrating ClearML with your code :)

Now, command-line arguments, console output as well as Tensorboard and Matplotlib will automatically be logged in the UI under the created Task.

Sit back, relax, and watch your models converge :) or continue to see what else can be done with ClearML here.