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ClearML Modules

  • ClearML Python Package (clearml) for integrating ClearML into your existing code-base.
  • ClearML Server (clearml-server) for storing experiment, model, and workflow data, and supporting the Web UI experiment manager. It is also the control plane for the MLOps.
  • ClearML Agent (clearml-agent), the MLOps orchestration agent. Enabling experiment and workflow reproducibility, and scalability.
  • ClearML Data (clearml-data) data management and versioning on top of file-systems/object-storage.
  • ClearML Serving (clearml-serving) for model deployment and orchestration.
  • ClearML Session (clearml-session) for launching remote instances of Jupyter Notebooks and VSCode. Solutions combined with the clearml-server control plane.

clearml architecture

YouTube Playlist

The first video in the ClearML YouTube Getting Started playlist covers these modules in more detail. Feel free to check out the video below.

Watch the video