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ClearML Modules

  • ClearML Python Package (clearml) for integrating ClearML into your existing code-base.
  • ClearML Server (clearml-server) storing experiment, model, and workflow data, and supporting the Web UI experiment manager. It is also the control plane for the MLOps.
  • ClearML Agent (clearml-agent) The MLOps orchestration agent. Enabling experiment and workflow reproducibility, and scalability.
  • ClearML Data (clearml-data) data management and versioning on top of file-systems/object-storage.
  • ClearML Session (clearml-session) Launch remote instances of Jupyter Notebooks and VSCode. Solutions combined with the clearml-server control plane.

clearml architecture

Youtube Playlist#

The first video in our Youtube Getting Started playlist covers these modules in more detail, feel free to check out the video below.

Watch the video