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Linux or macOS

For Linux only, if upgrading from Trains Server v0.14 or older, configure the ClearML Agent Services.
  • If CLEARML_HOST_IP is not provided, then ClearML Agent Services uses the external public address of the ClearML Server.
  • If CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_USER / CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_PASS are not provided, then ClearML Agent Services can't access any private repositories for running service tasks.
   export CLEARML_HOST_IP=server_host_ip_here
export CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_USER=git_username_here
export CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_PASS=git_password_here

For backwards compatibility, the environment variables TRAINS_HOST_IP, TRAINS_AGENT_GIT_USER, and TRAINS_AGENT_GIT_PASS are supported.

To upgrade ClearML Server Docker deployment:

  1. Shutdown ClearML Server. Execute the following command (which assumes the configuration file is in the environment path).

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml down
  2. If upgrading from Trains Server version 0.15 or older, a data migration is required before continuing this upgrade. See instructions here.

  3. If upgrading from ClearML Server version older than 1.2, you need to migrate your data before upgrading your server. See instructions here.

  4. Backing up data is recommended and, if the configuration folder is not empty, backing up the configuration.

  5. If upgrading from Trains Server to ClearML Server, rename /opt/trains and its subdirectories to /opt/clearml.

    sudo mv /opt/trains /opt/clearml
  6. Download the latest docker-compose.yml file.

    curl -o /opt/clearml/docker-compose.yml
  7. Startup ClearML Server. This automatically pulls the latest ClearML Server build.

    docker-compose -f /opt/clearml/docker-compose.yml pull
    docker-compose -f /opt/clearml/docker-compose.yml up -d

If issues arise during your upgrade, see the FAQ page, How do I fix Docker upgrade errors?.