Why allegro.ai by MizMaa Ventures

June 16, 2018

An interview with Catherine K.C. Leung, the Co-Founder & General Partner at MizMaa Ventures about allegro.ai and the AI industry.

Leading global companies – among other customers – are already using Allegro.AI to bypass the manual and time-consuming exercise of building their own datasets and models to develop AI-powered solutions, while keeping complete and confidential control of their data and AI assets. By expediting the process of developing and managing a deep learning solution, organizations benefit from an underlying platform that automatically annotates images and videos, enables continuous learning of models, and quickly scales the entire AI product lifecycle.

At the day of the announcement, Catherine K.C. Leung, the Co-Founder & General Partner at MizMaa Ventures who led the round, said, “In a very short timeframe Allegro.AI has astutely identified the market challenges and opportunities in computer vision, video comprehension and AI product management, and delivered a technology that is perfectly positioned to significantly impact the future of intelligent devices. Israel represents one of the most dynamic centers for innovation, and Allegro.AI can drive mutual success for companies in the U.S. and Asia. We are delighted to lead this financing, and be joined by other world-renowned investors.”

At that occasion, we set down with Catherine for an interview about her and MizMaa Ventures’ view of allegro.ai and the AI industry. We hope you like it.