nVIDIA, allegro.ai and The Future of AI and Deep Learning

July 3, 2018

clear.ussl.co NVIDIA's inception program

Allegro.ai is now part of NVIDIA’s inception program

We are proud to announce that allegro.ai has been selected as member of the nVIDIA Inception partnership to propel the future of AI and deep learning. Inception nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science.  

We at allegro.ai have been closely following the thought leadership and understanding of the AI teams at nVidia. We highly recommend the readers of this blog to follow nVIDIA and benefit from its industry knowhow.

For example, The PLASTER acronym introduced by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang at the GPU Technology Conference earlier this year, PLASTER describes the key elements for measuring deep learning performance. Each letter identifies a factor that must be considered to arrive at the right set of trade-offs and to produce a successful deep learning implementation. These are Programmability, Latency, Accuracy, Size of Model, Throughput, Energy Efficiency and Rate of Learning.

We at allegro.ai are excited to partner with nVIDIA on this fantastic journey into the future of technology. The possibilities are endless.