[Video] Netapp and allegro.ai Presentation During the Annual Nvidia GTC Conference

September 19, 2019

Readers of this blog have probably read about allegro.ai’s partnership with NetApp.

Earlier this year the two companies showcased an integrated AI solution at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) which took place in San Jose, California.

Unlike traditional software, in deep learning, the data rather than the code is of the utmost importance. Training neural networks requires constant slicing and dicing of datasets and addressing inherent biases. This creates significant challenges for development, QA and deployment. On top of these challenges, working with huge datasets creates additional challenges in the physical and logical manipulation of the datasets required throughout the lifecycle of computer vision and other sensor-based solutions.

The collaboration between allegro.ai and NetApp presents a unified solution that handles all aspects of datasets’ lifecycle for the most demanding customers requiring the best deep-learning based computer vision and perception solutions, be it for autonomous vehicles, medical imaging or other uses.

Today we share the video recording of this presentation. Enjoy.