Tzag Elita and ClearML: Powering the Future of AI Workflows

April 13, 2023

Men working computers building AI language models

The world of artificial intelligence and machine learning is constantly evolving, with new challenges and innovations emerging every day. Tzag Elita is a leading provider of HPC and AI solutions in Israel, and understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve and delivering cutting-edge solutions to their customers. That’s why ClearML is excited to announce our partnership with Tzag Elita.

This exciting partnership is aimed at providing data scientists with a unique set of tools to tackle their most demanding challenges. By bundling ClearML’s end-to-end suite of machine learning tools with Tzag Elita’s servers and workstations, we are working together to create a seamless experience for users in the HPC & AI industry.

What makes this partnership so unique is that Tzag Elita pre-installs ClearML before supplying the system to the user, creating an out-of-the-box, ready-to-run experience.

Enterprise customers can use ClearML to manage compute at scale by making all resources available to end users, whether on-prem, cloud, or cloud hybrid, and enable spillover onto additional cloud resources when additional capacity is needed. And, as a Kubernetes/Slurm-native solution, ClearML provides the user management layer and adds scheduling capabilities that build and launch job queues for the machine, enabling dynamic GPU scheduling, as well as slicing, for multiple users.

Tzag Elita’s team of experts will help users to understand the ClearML platform and embrace it into their workflow seamlessly. With this partnership, users can focus on their research and development, without worrying about the technical aspects of their workflow.

This partnership with Tzag Elita is a game-changer for data scientists and researchers in the HPC & AI vertical. With Tzag Elita’s servers and workstations bundled with ClearML’s suite of tools, users can expect an unparalleled machine learning experience.

For those who are not familiar with Tzag Elita, they specialize in providing solutions for compute demanding challenges. Their solutions are designed to optimize density, storage, compute, cooling, and software stack for academic and high-tech industries. Data scientists face unique challenges concerning the data and experiment workflow, as well as cluster managers with resource management. With Tzag Elita’s servers and workstations, users can be assured that they are equipped with the most advanced technology to handle these challenges.

Tzag Elita provides top-tier technology solutions since 1985 to some of Israel’s leading companies, including Mobileye, Assuta, Mellanox and Elbit, as well as prestigious Israeli academic institutions such as the Weizmann Institute, Technion institute of technology, Tel Aviv University, and Beer Sheva University, among others.

ClearML is a leading unified, open source MLOps platform that covers the entire machine learning workflow, from data management to experiment management, scheduling, and resource management to deployment and serving. ClearML helps data scientists to streamline their workflow and solve a wide range of problems while materializing value from existing investments in machine learning much faster. By bundling ClearML’s suite of tools with Tzag Elita’s servers and workstations, users can be assured that they have access to the most advanced machine learning tools available.

Tzag Elita is an official supplier of ClearML in Israel. Visit them at: