Aws, Autoscaling, and Git – oh my

One part of ClearML that often flies under the radar is the autoscaler for AWS. True, all the ‘cool kids’ are using GCP or DigitalOcean these days. This said, I do still have a soft spot for “the original” provider – AWS. I know that isn’t cool but, there you go.

The autoscalar does handle ‘normal git’ fine for checking out your code. Setup a read-only deployment token and you are golden. Sadly we don’t support 2 factor authentication. That would require us knowing some one time recovery secrets, or something equally messy. The sane way is via a deployment token. Entering this token for the git password, and of course your git username, into clearml.conf should be enough.

I suspect before too long, we will have GCP autoscaler as well as Azure and friends. Of course, this depends on customer demand. We are currently a small team, and there is only so much we can do.

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