Allegro AI Becomes NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software Program Partner

May 14, 2020

May 14, 2020 — Allegro AI today announced that it joined the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program.

Organizations that want to leverage AI to improve products and services often struggle to implement an advanced infrastructure that supports the unique and challenging demands of machine learning and deep learning.

The combination of the Allegro AI end-to-end ML/DL lifecycle management solution and NVIDIA DGXTM systems, including the newly announced  NVIDIA DGX A100 , and NVIDIA NGC, GPU-optimized AI software hub, offers an enterprise-grade solution for development and deployment of AI workloads. Allegro AI’s ML-Ops easy-to-use orchestration and scheduling capabilities enable customers to get the most out of their DGX systems, thereby increasing both team productivity and infrastructure utilization.

The Allegro AI enterprise platform is based on the Allegro Trains open source ML/DL experiment manager and ML-Ops solution. The platform enables data science and data engineering teams to easily develop and scale their AI model training, eliminating the need to address the complexities of specific hardware environments and tedious parameter setup. Data scientists can focus on innovation while data engineers can deliver at scale by deploying on powerful NVIDIA DGX systems directly from the Allegro Trains web interface. Allegro Trains works directly on bare metal or integrates to leverage an existing Kubernetes or Slurm cluster.

Allegro Trains facilitates teamwork and collaboration through its experiment management tools, with the Allegro AI enterprise solution delivering additional value in the form of data management, continuous learning flows, high-end enterprise features, managed services, and scalability.

From developer workbench to workflow management to model deployment, the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program  offers proven solutions that complement NVIDIA DGX system deployment with improved data science productivity, accelerated AI data pipeline and workflow, and improved accessibility and utilization of resources.

“Organizations all over the globe are leveraging Allegro solutions to accelerate their own AI product development and deployment,” said Nir Bar-Lev, CEO and co-founder of Allegro AI. “We’re excited that NVIDIA has certified Allegro Trains for NVIDIA DGX deployments and are looking forward to continuing to support enterprises as they accelerate their AI workloads.”

“As more organizations use AI at scale, streamlining AI workflows becomes critically important,” said John Barco, senior director of DGX software product management at NVIDIA. “Customers can use the enterprise-grade NVIDIA DGX systems  and Allegro Trains to accelerate and scale AI projects on their deployments.”

About Allegro AI

Allegro AI is a pioneer in deep learning and machine learning software tools. With Allegro AI’s suite of enterprise and open source solutions, businesses are able to bring to market and manage higher quality products, faster and more cost effectively. Allegro AI is supported by a growing global open source community as well as a network of strategic investors, partners and customers. These include, among others, global brands such as: NVIDIA, NetApp, Samsung, Hyundai, Bosch, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Philips – Algotec.

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