Do You Know the Total Cost of Ownership of Your LLMs?

Find out now with ClearML’s TCO Calculator

We’ve just released a new tool to help companies estimate the total cost of ownership of their Large Language Models. Use our new TCO Calculator below to understand the various drivers and hidden costs of bringing in and implementing an LLM within your organization.
Our recent research* shows a shockingly low 8% of respondents are thinking about running costs, which we expect is going to be a huge surprise given their pivotal impact on TCO as a pricey cost driver. Don’t be that person! See how costs scale between building your models with your own team (in-house) versus using a LLM API such as Azure GPT-4 (AI as a Service).
Our TCO calculator takes into account a few factors, including your use case, the size of your company, the number of end users for the model, your data corpus, and which LLM API you are considering. From those, we’ll estimate the cost of preparing your data, the human capital required and its cost, and the amount of compute or tokens needed.
Understanding the total cost of ownership allows you to make smarter, more strategic decisions about how to use your budget, especially as the number of users and use cases increase. It will help inform your strategy for scaling Gen AI within the enterprise and places to look for economies of scale or additional budget. Use our calculator now to get a handle on just how much your LLM(s) are expected to cost.

ClearML’s New TCO Calculator

To calculate a Year 1 total cost of ownership for starting a Gen AI project, enter the details of your organization’s potential use case with numerical values or choose from the dropdown menus. This TCO Calculator presents three numbers: The first one is the cost to your business as-is, status quo, based on the number of employees affected. The next two are the options for accomplishing your generative AI project: building it completely in-house with an available foundation model, or using an AI-as-a-Service language model.

Year 1 Investment

Total current Cost to Business
Total In-house LLMOps
Total AI as a Service

Detailed Breakdown

Current Cost to Business In-house LLMOps AI as a Service
Data Infrastructure Setup* (Fixed Costs) - $0 $0
Model Development / Training* (Fixed Costs) - $0 -
Model Maintenance (Fixed Costs) - $0 $0
Running Costs - Compute (Variable Costs) $0 $0 $0
Running Costs - Human Capital (Variable Costs) - $0 $0
Total $0 $0 $0

* amortized over 5 years


* “The Hidden Costs, Challenges, and Total Cost of Ownership of Generative AI Adoption in the Enterprise,” published by ClearML and AI Infrastructure Alliance in September 2023