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Workers and Queues

With the Workers and Queues page, users can:

  • Monitor resources (CPU and GPU, memory, video memory, and network usage) used by the experiments / Tasks that workers execute
  • View workers and the queues they listen to
  • Create and rename queues; delete empty queues; monitor queue utilization
  • Reorder, move, and remove experiments from queues

Resources utilization#

To monitor resource utilization:

  1. In the WORKERS tab, click a worker. The chart refreshes showing resource utilization over time for that worker. The worker INFO slides open, showing information about the worker:

    • Name
    • Current experiment
    • Current runtime
    • Last iteration
    • Last update time.
  2. Select a metric and time frame:

    1. In the list of resources (top left side), select CPU and GPU Usage, Memory Usage, Video Memory Usage, or Network Usage.

    2. In the period list (top right side), select 3 Hours, 6 Hours, 12 Hours, 1 Day, 1 Week, or 1 Month.


Worker utilization#

Optimize worker use by monitoring worker utilization in the Workers tab.

To monitor worker utilization:

  • Open the Workers tab in the Workers & Queues page. The worker utilization chart appears. Hover over any data point and see average workers and total workers.

Queue utilization#

To monitor all queues:

  • Open the Queues tab in the Workers & Queues page. The queue utilization chart appears and shows average wait time (seconds) and number of experiments queued for all queues.
  • Hover over any data point and see average wait time and number of experiments.


To monitor a queue:

  1. In the queues list (below the plot on the left), click a queue.
  2. The chart refreshes, showing metrics for the selected queue. The info panel slides open with two tabs:
    1. To see the enqueued experiments on the queue, click the EXPERIMENTS tab.
    2. To view information about the workers listening to the queue, click the WORKERS tab.

Queue management#

In the Queues tab, do any of the following:

  • Create a queue - Click + NEW QUEUE (top right) > Type a queue name > CREATE.
  • Do either of the following by clicking a queue in the queues list (lower right):
    • Rename a queue - Click RENAME > Type a queue name > RENAME, or click DELETE.
    • Delete a queue - Click Delete.
  • Do any of the following by right clicking an experiment in a queue's EXPERIMENTS tab (lower right):
    • Reorder experiments in a queue - Drag an experiment to a new position in the queue, or click Menu button (menu) and then select Move to top or Move to bottom.
    • Move to a new queue - Click Menu button (menu) > Move to queue... > Select a queue > ENQUEUE.
    • Remove an experiment - Click Menu button (menu) > Move to queue... > Select a queue > ENQUEUE.