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Profile Page

Use the Profile page to manage a ClearML user account, including:

Setting user preferences#

The HiDPI browser scale override adjusts scaling on High-DPI monitors to improve the Web UI experience. It is enabled by default, but can be disabled.

Users that use their own ClearML Server can choose whether to send anonymous usage data to Allegro AI.

Providing Cloud Storage Access for the ClearML Web UI#

To provide Cloud Storage access for the ClearML Web UI:

  • In the Cloud Access section, enter the following credentials:

    • Bucket - The name of a Cloud bucket.
    • Key - The access key.
    • Secret / SAS - The secret key or shared access signature for Azure Storage.
    • Region - The region for AWS S3.
    • Host (Endpoint) - The host for non-AWS S3 servers.

Creating ClearML credentials#

ClearML credentials include:

  • Access key
  • Secret key
  • Web server
  • API server
  • File servers host URLs

ClearML Hosted Service users need credentials for each workspace they use. Users with their own self-hosted ClearML Server need only one set of credentials.

ClearML credentials can be created for a current workspace. To create ClearML credentials for another workspace, switch to it.

To create ClearML credentials:

  1. Click the Profile button Profile button (upper right corner).

  2. In WORKSPACES, use the current workspace or select another (self-hosted ClearML Server users have one workspace).

  3. In App Credentials > + Create new credentials.

Switching workspaces#


Switching workspaces does not apply to users of a self-hosted ClearML Server

ClearML Hosted Service users who are members of multiple teams can switch from one workspace to another.

Switch workspaces in one of the following ways:

  • Profile button - Click Profile button (upper right corner on any page) > Click the workspace to switch to.
  • Profile page - In the WORKSPACES section, click SWITCH TO WORKSPACE > Click the workspace to switch to.

Inviting new teammates#


Inviting new teammates does not apply to users of a self-hosted ClearML Server.

ClearML Hosted Service users can invite other users to collaborate in their workspace. On the Profile page, the WORKSPACES section shows the current members of the team, and whether the team has reached its maximum number of members.

To invite a user to collaborate in your workspace:

  1. Create an invitation hyperlink with one of these options:

    • Profile button - Click Profile button > Invite a User > Copy the invitation hyperlink.

    • Profile page - In WORKSPACES > Members > Click INVITE USER > Copy the invitation hyperlink.

  2. Send the invitation hyperlink to an invitee.

Leaving a workspace#

A member of a workspace can leave the workspace and no longer be a member of that team.

To leave a workspace:

  1. On the Profile page, in WORKSPACES, select the workspace to leave.

  2. In Members > Leave workspace.