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The ClearML Web UI is the graphical user interface for the ClearML platform, which includes:

  • Experiment management
  • Browsing
  • Resource utilization monitoring
  • Profile management
  • Direct access to the ClearML community (Slack Channel, Youtube, and GitHub).

WebApp screenshots gif

The ClearML Web UI is composed of the following pages:

WebApp Menus#

Click the help menu button Help menu in the top right corner of the web UI screen to access the self-help resources including:

  • ClearML Python Package setup - Instruction to get started with the clearml Python package
  • ClearML on Youtube YouTube - Instructional videos on integrating ClearML into your workflow
  • Online Documentation
  • Pro Tips - Tips for working with ClearML efficiently
  • Contact Us - Quick access to ClearML contact form

Click the profile menu button Profile button in the top right corner of the web UI screen to access the following:

  • Settings - Navigate to ClearML's Settings page
  • Invite a User to your workspace (supported in hosted service). Click Invite a User > input user's email > click ADD > page will redirect to the Users & Groups section of the Settings page
  • Switch to Workspace - Hosted service users can be members of multiple workspaces. These workspaces are listed here. Click a workspace to switch to.
  • Logout of the workspace