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Model Details

In the models table, click on a model to view and / or modify the following:

  • General model information
  • Model configuration
  • Model label enumeration
  • Model metadata

Models in Draft status are editable, so you can modify their configuration, label enumeration, and metadata. Published models are read-only, so only their metadata can be modified.

General Model Information#

The GENERAL tab lists the model's General information including:

  • Model URL
  • ML Framework
  • Creating experiment (ClearML experiment that generated the model)
  • Description (click to edit)

If the model is stored in a network location, it can be downloaded by clicking the model URL. If the model was stored on the local machine you can copy its URL to manually access it.

Model general information

Model Configuration#

The NETWORK tab displays the model's configuration.

Model network

Hover over the model configuration area to access the following actions:

Model config actions

  • Magnifying glass Search
  • Copy Copy configuration
  • TrashCLEAR (for Draft models) - Delete the configuration
  • EDIT (for Draft models) - Modify / Add model configuration

Label Enumeration#

The Label Enumeration tab displays for each class label (“Label”) its name and enumerated value (“ID”).

Model label enumeration

To modify / add / delete class labels (for Draft models), hover over the label table, then click EDIT. This opens the label editing window.

Model label editing


The METADATA tab lists the model's metadata entries, which consist of a key, type, and value.

Model metadata

To modify / add / delete model metadata items, hover over Metadata, then click EDIT. This opens the Metadata editing window.

Model metadata editing