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The Dashboard provides the following options:

  • Quickly access the summarized monitoring of recently updated projects and their experiments
  • Create new projects
  • Open the Workers & Queues tab to monitor resource utilization and to manage queues.


To select a project, experiment, or model:

  • A project or all projects - to view activity for all experiments in a project.

    • In RECENT PROJECTS, click a specific project's card or VIEW ALL
  • An experiment - to view experiment results, edit an experiment, enqueue an experiment to execute, etc.

    • In RECENT EXPERIMENTS, click the experiment.
    • In RECENT PROJECTS, click a project or VIEW ALL > Click the experiment.
  • A model - to view a model's configuration, label enumeration, or other details.

    • From an experiment, click ARTIFACTS > In Input Model or Output Model, click the model.
    • In RECENT PROJECTS, click a project or VIEW ALL > MODELS tab > Click the model.

To create a new project:

  1. Click + NEW PROJECT
  2. Enter the project name, and, optionally, the description and default output destination

To monitor resources utilization, and manage queues and workers:

  • Click MANAGE WORKERS AND QUEUES. The Workers & Queues appear.