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Reproducing Experiments

Reproduce experiments on local or remote machines, in one of the following ways:

  • Cloning any experiment - make an exact copy keeping the original
  • Resetting an experiment whose status is not Published - this deletes the previous run's logs and output.

After cloning or resetting, enqueue the reset or newly cloned experiment for execution by a worker.

Experiments can also be modified and then executed remotely, see Tuning Experiments.

To reproduce an experiment:

  1. Locate the experiment. Open the Project page for the experiment from the Dashboard or the main Projects page.

    • On the Dashboard, click a recent experiment, project card, or VIEW ALL and then click a project card.
    • On the Projects page, click project card, or the All projects card.
  2. Reproduce the experiment. In the experiments table, right click and then either:

    • Clone (make an exact copy)

      1. Click Clone, and a Clone experiment box will pop up.
      2. In the Project textbox, select or create a project:
        • To search for another project, start typing the project name.
        • To create a new project, type new experiment name and click Create New.
      3. Enter an optional description.
      4. Click CLONE.
    • Reset (delete logs and output from the previous run) - Click Reset.

    The experiment's status becomes Draft.

  3. Enqueue the experiment for execution. Right click the experiment > Enqueue > Select a queue > ENQUEUE.

    The experiment's status becomes Pending. When a worker fetches the Task (experiment), the status becomes Running. The experiment can now be tracked and its results visualized.