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Pipeline Run Details

The run details panel shows the pipeline’s structure and the execution status of every step, as well as the run’s configuration parameters and output.

Pipeline structure

Each step shows:

Pipeline step info

  • Step name
  • Step status
  • Step execution time
  • Step log button - Hover over the step and click console to view the step’s console log and code

While the pipeline is running, the steps’ details and colors are updated.

Run and Step Details

Run and Step Info

On the right side of the pipeline run panel, view the RUN INFO which shows:

  • Run Parameters
  • Reported Metrics
  • Produced Artifacts
  • Output Models

Run info

To view a run’s complete information, click Full details, which will open the pipeline’s controller task page. View each list’s complete details in the pipeline task’s corresponding tabs:

  • METRICS list > SCALARS tab

Pipeline task info

To view a specific step’s information, click the step on the execution graph, and the info panel displays its STEP INFO. The panel displays the step’s name, task type, and status, as well as its parameters, metrics, artifacts, and models.

Step info

To return to viewing the run’s information, click the pipeline graph, outside any of the steps.

Run and Step Log

Click on DETAILS on the top left of the info panel to view a run’s full console log. The log contains everything printed to stdout and stderr.

To view a step’s console log, click DETAILS and then click on a step.

Step console

For pipelines steps generated from functions using either PipelineController.add_function_step or PipelineDecorator.component, you can also view the selected step’s code. On the top center of the console panel, click Code.

Step code