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Datasets Page

SDK version compatibility

The datasets page shows datasets created with clearml v1.6 or newer.
Datasets created with earlier versions of clearml are available in their original project.

Use the Datasets Page to navigate between and manage datasets. The page shows summaries for all datasets created using ClearML Data.

Click on a dataset card to navigate to its Version List, where you can view the dataset versions' lineage and contents.

Dataset page

Dataset Cards#

The dataset cards display summarized dataset information:

Dataset card

  • Dataset name
  • Time since last update
  • Number of versions
  • Details about latest version
    • Number of files
    • Size
  • Tags

Dataset Actions#

Click Menu on the top right of a dataset card to open its context menu and access dataset actions.

Dataset context menu

  • Rename - Change the dataset’s name
  • Add Tag - Add label to the dataset to help easily classify groups of dataset.
  • Delete - Delete the dataset and all of its versions. To delete a dataset, all its versions must first be archived.