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GPU Compute

Pro Plan Offering

The ClearML GPU Compute App is available under the ClearML Pro plan

Set up to run your workloads on 100% green cloud machines at optimized costs – no setup required! The ClearML GPU Compute Application automatically spins cloud machines up or down based on demand. The app optimizes machine usage according to a user defined resource budget: define your budget by specifying the GPU type and number of GPUs you want to use.

Each application instance monitors a ClearML queue: new cloud machines are spun up if there are pending jobs on the queue. The app instance automatically terminates idle machines based on a specified maximum idle time.

GPU Compute Instance Configuration

  • Import Configuration - Import an app instance configuration file. This will fill the configuration wizard with the values from the file, which can be modified before launching the app instance
  • Machine Specification
    • GPU Type - NVIDIA GPU on the machine
    • Number of GPUs - Number of GPUs in the cloud machine
    • The rest of the machine’s available resources are dependent on the number and type of GPUs specified above:
      • vCPUs - Number of vCPUs in the cloud machine
      • Memory - RAM available to the cloud machine
      • Hourly Price - Machine's hourly rate
      • Disk - Amount of Disk space available to the cloud machine
    • Monitored Queue - Queue associated with application instance. The tasks enqueued to this queue will be executed on machines of this specification
    • Cloud Machine Limit - Maximum number of concurrent machines to launch
  • Idle Time Limit (Optional) - Maximum time in minutes that a cloud machine can be idle before it is spun down
  • Default Docker Image (Optional) - Default Docker image in which the ClearML Agent will run. Provide a Docker stored in a Docker artifactory so instances can automatically fetch it
  • Git Configuration - Git credentials with which the ClearML Agents running on your cloud instances will access your repositories to retrieve the code for their jobs
    • Git User
    • Git Password / Personal Access Token
  • Cloud Storage Access (Optional) - Access credentials to cloud storage service. Provides ClearML Tasks running on cloud machines access to your storage

GPU Compute wizard


Once a GPU Compute instance is launched, the dashboard displays a summary of your cloud usage and costs.

GPU Compute dashboard

The GPU Compute dashboard shows:

  • Service status indicator
    • Working server - Cloud service is available
    • Not working server - Cloud service is currently unavailable
  • Cloud instance details
    • GPU type
    • Number of GPUs
    • Number of vCPUs
    • RAM
    • Storage
  • Cost details
    • Instance rate
    • Total cost for current billing cycle
  • Number of current running cloud instances
  • Instance History - Number of running cloud instances over time
  • Console - The log shows updates of cloud instances being spun up/down.