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Project Dashboard

Pro Plan Offering

The ClearML Project Dashboard App is available under the ClearML Pro plan

The Project Dashboard Application provides an overview of a project's progress. It presents an aggregated view of a chosen metric over the project's iterations, as well as project GPU and worker usage. It also supports alerts/warnings on failed Tasks via Slack integration.

Project Dashboard Instance Configuration#

  • Import Configuration - Import an app instance configuration file. This will fill the configuration wizard with the values from the file, which can be modified before launching the app instance
  • Monitored Project - Name of the ClearML project to monitor
  • Monitored Metric
    • Monitored Metric - Title - Metric title to track
    • Monitored Metric - Series - Metric series (variant) to track
    • Monitored Metric - Trend - Choose whether to track the monitored metric's highest or lowest values
  • Dashboard Title - Name of the project dashboard instance, which will appear in the instance list
  • Failed Task Slack Monitor (Optional)
    • API Token - Slack workspace access token
    • Channel Name - Slack channel to which task failure alerts will be posted
    • Fail Iteration Threshold - Minimum number of iterations to trigger Slack alerts about task failure (failed tasks that do not meet the threshold will be ignored)
  • Export Configuration - Export the app instance configuration as a JSON file, which you can later import to create a new instance with the same configuration.

Dashboard app wizard


Once a project dashboard instance is launched, its dashboard displays the following information about a project:

  • Task Status Summary - Percentages of Tasks by status
  • Task Type Summary - Percentages of local experiments vs. agent experiments
  • Experiments Summary - Number of tasks by status over time
  • Monitoring - GPU utilization and GPU memory usage
  • Metric Monitoring - An aggregated view of the values of a metric over time
  • Project’s Active Workers - Number of workers currently executing experiments in the monitored project
  • Workers Table - List of active workers
  • Failed Experiments - Failed experiments and their time of failure summary

App dashboard