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Version 1.6

ClearML Server 1.6.0#

New Features and Improvements

  • New ClearML Datasets UI pages for tracking dataset versions and exploring version lineage and contents
  • Add history navigation to experiments plots UI page ClearML GitHub issues #81 & #255:
    • Plots page shows last reported plot for each metric/variation combination
    • Single plot view provides history navigation slider
  • Add single value scalar reporting: Single value scalars are aggregated into a summary table in the experiment’s scalars UI page ClearML GitHub issues #400
  • Add "show hidden projects" control ClearML GitHub issues #694
  • Improve UI projects page setting persistence - User's last chosen setting for recent/name sorting and team/personal filter is saved ClearML GitHub issues #353
  • Improve UI presentation for object IDs:
    • Display shortened ID next to task name
    • Display full ID in tooltip
    • Copy-to-clipboard on click
  • Add "Clear all active filters" button to Projects and Pipelines details view
  • Add notification for UI session expiration
  • Add ID columns to UI object tables (experiments, models, etc.)
  • Add "Info" section to "Details" tab of UI experiment comparison
  • Add "loading" indicator for HTML debug samples
  • Improve UI text editor behavior: when applicable, cursor returns to most recent edit, otherwise, cursor goes to start of text
  • Maintain UI viewing mode when restoring archived items

Bug Fixes

  • Fix experiment selection with 'Shift' key in UI experiment table not working ClearML Server GitHub issues #139
  • Fix UI search error message interferes with inputting search query ClearML Server GitHub issues #138
  • Fix refresh breaks UI breadcrumbs ClearML Server ClearML Server GitHub issues #142
  • Fix UI Workers and Queues page displays incorrect queue metrics
  • Fix failure to publish models whose generating task was reset
  • Fix listed models in UI pipeline run info panel doesn't link to model
  • Fix "Load more" button disappears from UI experiment page
  • Fix breadcrumb link to parent project does not navigate to the parent's project page
  • Fix spaces deleted while typing query in UI search bars
  • Fix UI plots not loading in experiments
  • Fix UI experiment debug sample full screen failing to display multiple metrics
  • Fix using search in UI tables removes custom columns
  • Fix experiment debug samples remain in file server after experiment deletion
  • Fix UI pipeline page sorting not working
  • Fix UI scalar comparison does not display task tags
  • Fix smoothed UI plots obscured by original graphs
  • Fix broken task name links in UI scalar and hyperparameter comparison pages
  • Fix "My work" filter not filtering out sub-projects
  • Fix generic project link navigates to a blank page
  • Fix UI experiment's model link inefficient use of screen real estate
  • Fix network error causes UI models and experiments auto-refresh to stop working
  • Fix Empty path menu appearing in UI breadcrumbs when there are no intermediary projects
  • Fix long loading time in UI experiment comparison
  • Fix slow performance of UI experiment plots and scalars in Chrome
  • Fix Delete action not appearing in bottom bar of UI pipeline runs table archive
  • Fix UI experiments not displaying dataset tasks created with clearml version lower than 1.6
  • Fix UI projects with dataset tasks created with clearml version lower than 1.6 display incorrect statistics
  • Fix maximizing image-plot chart in UI causes CORS error
  • Fix UI experiment's "Select A Public Model" modal missing "Updated" and "Description" column data
  • Fix UI experiments table's project filter displays duplicates
  • Fix UI projects display incorrect statistics
  • Fix clicking project with only hidden sub-projects doesn't navigate to the project's UI page
  • Fix passing empty string parameter name to Task.set_parameters causes a 500 error
  • Fix UI model page General tab's layout
  • Fix using UI experiment plot navigation menu pushes WebApp's top navigation bar
  • Fix example pipeline project created with "Generate Example" is empty
  • Fix example pipeline created with "Generate Example" is not displayed in project dashboard when "Show hidden projects" is enabled
  • Fix UI table/info-panel toggle doesn't update when switching viewing modes

ClearML SDK 1.6.2#

Bug Fix

ClearML SDK 1.6.1#

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Task.get_tasks() fails when sending search_hidden=False
  • Fix LightGBM example shows UserWarning

ClearML SDK 1.6.0#

New Features and Improvements

  • New Hyperparameter Optimization CLI clearml-param-search
  • Improvements to ClearML Data
    • Add support for a new ClearML Data UI in the ClearML WebApp
    • Add clearml-data new options set-description and rename
  • Add random seed control using Task.set_random_seed() allowing to set a new random seed for task initialization or to disable it
  • Improve error messages when failing to download an artifact
  • Improve error messages when testing for permissions

Bug Fixes

  • Fix axis range settings when logging plots
  • Fix Task.get_project() to return more than 500 entries ClearML GitHub issue #612
  • Fix pipeline progress calculation
  • Fix StorageManager.upload_folder() returns None for both successful and unsuccessful uploads
  • Fix script path capturing stores a relative path and not an absolute path
  • Fix HTML debug samples are saved incorrectly on S3
  • Fix Hydra deprecation warning in examples
  • Fix missing requirement for TensorBoardX example

Known Issues

  • When removing an image from a Dataset, its preview image won't be removed
  • Moving Datasets between projects still shows the Dataset in the old project