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Version 1.4

ClearML SDK 1.4.0#

New Features

  • Add OpenMMLab example ClearML GitHub issue #654
  • Add support for saving artifacts with different formats ClearML GitHub issue #634
  • Add support for setting reported values for NaN and Inf ClearML GitHub issue #604
  • Support more than 500 results in Task.get_tasks() using the fetch_only_first_page argument ClearML GitHub issue #612
  • Support links in clearml-data ClearML GitHub issue #585
  • Support deferred task initialization using Task.init() argument deferred_init (beta feature)
  • Support resuming experiments when importing an Offline session
  • Add --import-offline-session command line option to clearml-task
  • Support automatically logging Tensorboard Hparams
  • Add wildcard support for model auto-logging, see Task.init()
  • Add support for Lightning CLI
  • Support None values in Task.connect()
  • Add Model.project getter/setter
  • Add support for Task progress indication
  • Datasets
    • Improve Dataset version table
    • Add warning to Dataset creation on current Task
  • Examples and documentation

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Keras model config serialization in PatchKerasModelIO ClearML GitHub issue #614
  • Fix task.get_parameters_as_dict(cast=True) casts False to True ClearML GitHub PR #622
  • Fix Fire integration is not compatible with typing library ClearML GitHub issue #610
  • Fix remote execution with argparse mutually exclusive groups raises "required" error even when no argument is required
  • Fix Hydra tasks never fail and are only set to completed (fix handling return code)
  • Fix clearml-data wildcard support
  • Fix HPO randomly aborts running tasks before the time limit
  • Fix matplotlib capture
  • Fix issue with accessing images in projects containing /
  • AutoScaler
    • Fix resource name with a prefix matching a resource type may cause the auto-scaler to avoid spinning down idle instances
    • Fix Idle workers should contain resource name and not instance type
  • Fix backwards compatibility issue when using abstractmethod
  • Matplotlib
    • Fix uploading 3D plots with matplotlib plt shows 2D plot on task results page
    • Fix wrong Histogram plotting using when matplotlib
  • Fix PyTorch ScriptModule autobind
  • Fix PyTorch auto-magic logging torchscript models
  • Fix forked process will not call _at_exit and flush all outstanding reports
  • Fix matplotlib to plotly conversion fails on subplots (convert as image if figure has subplots)
  • Fix Windows sub process might end up waiting forever for uploads to finish if subprocess is very shot lived
  • Fix StorageManager.get_local_copy() returning None for a valid path in Windows
  • Fix Jupyter notebook cannot be detected
  • Fix PipelineController does not change node Task name, only pipeline step name
  • Fix Task.query_tasks() specifying page size or page number

ClearML Server 1.4.0#

New Features and Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fix server limiting image and artifact upload size ClearML GitHub issue #606
  • Fix server unnecessarily displays deletion error message ClearML Server GitHub issue #112
  • Fix UI experiment comparison sections overly wide for many tag experiments ClearML GitHub issue #594
  • Fix model name display in UI pipeline run info panel
  • Fix UI pipeline run info panel missing artifacts and models sections
  • Fix UI pipeline run info panel displays unneeded resource utilization metrics
  • Fix UI project cards missing task summary values
  • Fix pipeline tag colors can't be changed in UI pipeline page
  • Fix pipeline run UI page not displaying pipeline steps ClearML GitHub issue #618
  • Fix breadcrumb links don't navigate anywhere
  • Fix horizontal scroll in UI experiment table causes column headers to jump
  • Fix removing UI table column creates a blank column
  • Fix internal server error (500) on events.get_scalar_metrics_and_variants ClearML Server GitHub issue #120