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Version 1.16

ClearML Server 1.16.0

New Features and Improvements

  • New UI "new experiment creation"
  • ClearML File Server now uses authentication by default. This can be turned off using the fileserver.auth.enabled: false configuration setting
  • Add confirmation pop-up when running experiment is archived

Bug Fixes

  • Fix model plots not displayed in UI model plot tab
  • Fix UI experiment Debug Samples tab freezes when a lot of debug samples are reported in the experiment
  • Fix UI scalar “Export to CSV” button returns an empty CSV file
  • Fix large number of tags in UI tables' tag filter causes UI to crash
  • Fix searching in UI object tables' tag filter causes UI to crash
  • Fix consistent plot colors not maintained when embedded in UI Reports (ClearML GitHub issue #1239)
  • Fix UI plot legends and tooltips wrapping (ClearML Server GitHub issue #241)
  • Fix multiple parameters can be selected for plot axes in scatter plot view in UI experiment comparison
  • Fix image names change in UI task debug sample comparison when a different metric is selected
  • Fix numeric range filters of UI table columns not working
  • Fix queue experiment list is not updated in the UI Orchestration's Queues page
  • Fix My work/Team work persists across UI modules (i.e. projects, datasets, pipelines, etc.)
  • Fix UI single-scalar plots are not ordered alphabetically by scalar name
  • Fix limit on file uploads to the fileserver

ClearML SDK 1.16.2

New Features and Improvements

  • Make dataset preview optional (ClearML GitHub issue #1227)
  • Add api.public_ip_ping (default: and api.public_ip_service_urls (default: ["";, "";]) configuration settings to detect public IP and network interface

Bug Fixes

  • Fix python-fire integration (ClearML GitHub issue #1268)
  • Fix path substitution for file:// URIs (ClearML GitHub issues #1217 and #1233)
  • Fix numpy 2.0 compatibility (np.NINF removed)
  • Fix no need to recreate reporter if forking and reporting in subprocess
  • Fix forked detection mechanism

ClearML SDK 1.16.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pipeline breaks when continue_on_abort is set to true
  • Fix Pycharm Plugin Windows/Linux interoperability

ClearML SDK 1.16.0

New Features

  • Add additional warning instructing on how to install in case we failed detecting a Jupyter notebook with an import error
  • Add Task.get_executed_queue() to get the name/ID of the queue a task was executed in
  • Move Task.set_resource_monitor_iteration_timeout() to a class method, add wait_for_first_iteration_to_start_sec and max_wait_for_first_iteration_to_start_sec arguments (also add sdk.development.worker.wait_for_first_iteration_to_start_sec and sdk.development.worker.max_wait_for_first_iteration_to_start_sec configuration options)
  • Add support for better pipeline continue behavior including control of children using the continue_behaviour argument
  • Add Python 3.12 support

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pytorch-lightning patches (ClearML GitHub issue #1249)
  • Fix parameter overrides are converted to string when using HPO (ClearML GitHub issue #975)
  • Fix FastAI performance (ClearML GitHub issue #1234)
  • Fix MIG GPU support
  • Fix AMD GPU metrics collection
  • Fix Jupyter password might not be used in some protected JupyterLab instances
  • Fix URL substitution was not applied to registered uploaded files when reporting an event