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Version 1.15

ClearML SDK 1.15.0

New Features

  • Add draft option to pipeline steps ClearML GitHub PR #1226
  • Add support for custom working directory for pipelines ClearML GitHub issue #1194
  • Add Task.get_requirements() method that returns the task's requirements
  • Allow controlling the number of threads used by StorageManager.download_folder() using the max_workers argument
  • Update examples dependencies
  • Improve auto populate in Task.init()

Bug Fixes

  • Fix UTF-8 script code encoding issue ClearML GitHub issue #1207
  • Fix Colab docs ClearML GitHub issue #1204
  • Fix metrics reporting with OutputModel while in offline mode results in an error ClearML GitHub issue #1172
  • Fix task running in Google Colab doesn't properly get the notebook diff ClearML GitHub issue #1204
  • Fix hydra binds break in offline mode ClearML GitHub issue #1215
  • Fix HPO crashes when optimizing for single value scalars ClearML GitHub issue #1221
  • Fix GPU info such as gpu_memory and gpu_type is not being collected in some cases
  • Fix clearml-data CLI tool moves non-dataset tasks to a .dataset project when the respective task is not a dataset
  • Fix pandas DataFrame artifacts with hierarchical indices get mangled by the CSV round-trip
  • Fix urllib3 sends deprecation warning when setting ssl_version
  • Fix Task.connect(dict) return value is not dict-compatible
  • Fix jsonargparse sub-command config parsing
  • Fix Lightning integration crashes when a config entry contains . in its name
  • Fix Python 3.5 compatibility

ClearML Server 1.15.0

New Features and Improvements

  • UI experiment hyperparameter comparison
    • Add Parallel coordinate view support for multiple metrics
    • Add scatter plot mode to UI experiment hyperparameter comparison ClearML GitHub issue #984
  • Add model lineage to UI model comparison
  • Update nginx version to Fix 1-Byte Memory Overwrite RCE vulnerability ClearML Server GitHub issue #230

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Heap Buffer Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2023-38545) ClearML Server GitHub issue #234
  • Fix insufficient session expiration vulnerability (CWE-613)
  • Fix XSS vulnerability (CWE-79) in UI markdown
  • Fix UI reports vulnerable to XSS attack
  • Fix UI generating undefined credentials for Jupyter Notebook ClearML Web GitHub issue #67
  • Fix "No tags" filter raises an error
  • Fix slow loading speed for UI experiment comparison scalars
  • Fix some UI experiment sometimes missing plots
  • Fix delete not working in batch action bar in UI models tables
  • Fix dequeue not working from UI experiment table batch action bar
  • Fix UI plots and scalars are displayed in reset experiments
  • Fix embedded scalar comparison plot does not display metric variant in maximized view in UI Reports
  • Fix "Copy embed code" not working properly in comparison plot
  • Fix incorrect plot name is displayed when expanding UI scalar plots
  • Fix task IDs not displayed in UI experiment comparison graph titles and legends
  • Fix single-value scalar plot not displaying "Download CSV" button when embedded in UI report
  • Fix UI dashboard search returns results from team’s work when "My Work" filter is enabled.
  • Fix UI experiment table compare view does not persist
  • Fix UI Workers and Queues displaying incorrect statistics
  • Fix UI experiment scalar comparison missing active filter indicator
  • Fix UI scalar value comparison sometimes displays empty page
  • Fix UI embedded plots missing titles and axis labels
  • Fix missing status filter in UI All Models table
  • Fix UI pipeline table "No value" selection does not work with version filter
  • Fix UI experiment table compare view presents plots from unselected experiments
  • Fix using filter causes UI experiment console to jump