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Version 1.1

ClearML SDK 1.1.2#

Bug Fix

Fix PyJWT issue (limit dependency to <2.2.0)

ClearML SDK 1.1.1#

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Logger.report_image() throws warning
  • Fix TensorBoard add_image() not being reported

ClearML SDK 1.1.0#

Breaking Changes
  • New PipelineController v2 was introduced. New constructor is not backwards compatible!
  • ClearML will no longer try to use the demo server by default (change this by setting the CLEARML_NO_DEFAULT_SERVER=0 environment variable)
  • Task.completed() was deprecated, use Task.mark_completed() instead


  • Add Task Trigger Scheduler
  • Add Task Cron Scheduler
  • Add PipelineController from function
  • Add PipelineDecorator (PipelineDecorator.pipeline and PipelineDecorator.component decorators for full custom pipeline logic)
  • Add xgboost auto metric logging ClearML GitHub issue #381
  • Add and configuration options to control upload/download log reporting ClearML GitHub issue #424
  • Add new optional auto_connect_frameworks argument value to Task.init() (e.g. auto_connect_frameworks={'tfdefines':False}) to allow disabling TF defines ClearML GitHub issue #408
  • Add support for CLEARNL_CONFIG_VERBOSE environment variable to allow external control over verbosity of the configuration loading process
  • Add support for uploading artifacts with a list of files using Task.upload_artifcats(name, [Path(), Path()])
  • Add missing clearml-task parameters --docker_args, --docker_bash_setup_script and --output-uri
  • Change CreateAndPopulate will auto list packages imported but not installed locally
  • Add clearml.task.populate.create_task_from_function() to create a Task from a function, wrapping function input arguments into hyper-parameter section as kwargs and storing function results as named artifacts
  • Add support for Task serialization (e.g. for pickle)
  • Add Task.get_configuration_object_as_dict()
  • Add docker_image argument to Task.set_base_docker() (deprecate docker_cmd)
  • Add auto_version_bump argument to PipelineController
  • Add sdk.development.detailed_import_report configuration option to provide a detailed report of all python package imports
  • Set current Task as Dataset parent when creating dataset
  • Add support for deferred configuration
  • Examples
    • Add Pipeline v2 examples
    • Add TaskScheduler and TriggerScheduler examples
    • Add pipeline controller callback example
    • Improve existing examples and docstrings

Bug Fixes

ClearML Agent 1.1.0#

Breaking Changes

ClearML Agent will no longer try to use the demo server by default (change this by setting the CLEARML_NO_DEFAULT_SERVER=0 environment variable)

ClearML k8s glue default pod label was changed to CLEARML=agent (instead of TRAINS=agent)


  • Add poetry cache into docker mapping ClearML Agent GitHub issue #74
  • Allow rewriting SSH URLs (see here), refers to ClearML Agent GitHub PR #72, ClearML Agent GitHub issue #42
  • Add docker environment arguments log masking support, customizable using the agent.hide_docker_command_env_vars configuration value (see here) ClearML Agent GitHub issue #67
  • Add support for naming docker containers using the agent.docker_container_name_format configuration option to set a name format (disabled by default) ClearML issue #412
  • k8s glue
    • Remove queue name from pod name, add queue name and ID to pod labels ClearML Agent GitHub issue #64
    • Update task status_message for non-responsive or hanging pods
    • Support the agent.docker_force_pull configuration option for scheduled pods
    • Add docker example for running the k8s glue as a pod in a k8s cluster
  • Add agent.ignore_requested_python_version configuration option to ignore any requested python version (default false, see here)
  • Add agent.docker_internal_mounts configuration option to control containers internal mounts (non-root containers, see here)
  • Add support for -r requirements.txt in the Installed Packages section
  • Add support for CLEARML_AGENT_INITIAL_CONNECT_RETRY_OVERRIDE environment variable to override initial server connection behavior (defaults to true, allows boolean value or an explicit number specifying the number of connect retries)
  • Add support for CLEARML_AGENT_DISABLE_SSH_MOUNT environment variable allowing to disable the auto .ssh mount into the docker
  • Add support for CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL environment variable to skip Python virtual env installation on execute and allow providing a custom venv binary
  • Add support for CLEARML_AGENT_VENV_CACHE_PATH environment variable to allow overriding venv cache folder configuration
  • Add support for CLEARML_AGENT_EXTRA_DOCKER_ARGS environment variable to allow overriding extra docker args configuration
  • Add support for environment variables containing bash-style string lists using shlex
  • Add printout when using ClearML key/secret from environment variables
  • Increase worker keep-alive timeout to 10 minutes instead of 1 minute
  • Update documentation

Bug Fixes

  • Fix auto mount SSH_AUTH_SOCK into docker ClearML Agent GitHub issue #45
  • Fix package manager configuration documentation ClearML Agent GitHub issue #78
  • Fix support for spaces in docker arguments ClearML GitHub issue #358
  • Fix standalone script with pre-exiting conda venv
  • Fix PyYAML v5.4, v5.4.1 versions not supported
  • Fix parsing VCS links starting with git+git@ (notice git+git:// was already supported)
  • Fix Python package with git+git:// links or git+ssh:// conversion
  • Fix --services-mode if the execute agent fails when starting to run with error code 0
  • Fix --stop with dynamic gpus
  • Fix support for unicode standalone scripts, changing default ascii encoding to UTF-8
  • Fix venv cache cannot reinstall package from git with http credentials
  • Fix PYTHONIOENCODING environment variable is overwritten when already defined
  • k8s glue
    • Fix support for multiple k8s glue instances with pod limits
    • Fix task container handling fails parsing docker image
    • Fix task container is not set when using default image/arguments
    • Fix task container image arguments are used when no image is specified
    • Fix task container arguments not supported in when template is not provided
    • Fix agent.extra_docker_bash_script not applied correctly
    • Fix task runtime properties are removed when re-enqueuing task
    • Fix error is not thrown when failing to push task to queue

ClearML Server 1.1.1#

Bug Fixes

ClearML Server 1.1.0#

New Features and Improvements

  • Add metric snapshot plot to project overview UI - Show an aggregated view of all project experiments value for a leading metric
  • Add logical AND option to UI experiment table tag filter
  • Add Task runtime properties to experiment INFO UI tab
  • Add full screen view for any experiment result plot
  • Add extended version information to UI profile page
  • Stop using special characters in secrets
  • Allow setting status_message in tasks.update
  • Improve UI table view configuration persistence - User table-view configuration is saved per project:
    • Visible columns
    • Column order
    • Column width
    • Active sort
    • Active filters

Bug Fixes

  • Fix experiment details UI failure opening hyperparameter sections beginning with # ClearML Server GitHub issue #79
  • Fix performance issues with UI comparison of large experiments Slack Channel
  • Fix filtering on hyperparameters ClearML GitHub issue #385 Slack Channel
  • Fix profile page user options toggle control area of effect
  • Fix browser resizing affecting plot zoom
  • Fix UI dataview filter resetting version on filter addition
  • Fix UI project overview:
    • Fix links in project overview not working
    • Allow editing empty overview for legacy projects
  • Fix Table plots using fraction of available space
  • Fix scalars color assignment broken by . in scalar name
  • Fix tasks cannot be moved between queues
  • Fix UI Docker argument input - Force arguments in designated field
  • Fix extraneous "tag" string prefixing Commit ID in Task execution information UI
  • Fix missing 'no value' option in hyperparameters table filters
  • Fix queued task is not dequeued on tasks.stop
  • General aesthetic fixes:
    • Fix input title alignment in UI clone experiment window
    • Fix UI empty experiment table message alignment
    • Fix UI table filter menu proportions
    • Fix debug sample dropdown menu coloring
    • Fix dashboard card alignment
    • Fix redundant separator in plot control when maximized