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If you are not already using ClearML, see Getting Started for setup instructions.

jsonargparse is a Python package for creating command-line interfaces. ClearML integrates seamlessly with jsonargparse and automatically logs its command-line parameters and connected configuration files.

All you have to do is add two lines of code:

from clearml import Task

task = Task.init(task_name="<task_name>", project_name="<project_name>")

When the code runs, ClearML logs your command-line arguments, which you can view in the WebApp, in the experiment's Configuration > Hyperparameters > Args section.

Jsonargparse integration

Automatic Logging Control

By default, when ClearML is integrated into your script, it captures all of your jsonargparse parameters. But, you may want to have more control over what your experiment logs. To control a task's logging of parameters from argument parsers, use the auto_connect_arg_parser parameter of Task.init(). Completely disable all automatic logging by setting the parameter to False.


For finer grained control of logged parameters, input a dictionary with parameter-boolean pairs. The False value excludes the specified parameter. Unspecified parameters default to True.

For example, the following code will not log the Example_1 parameter, but will log all other arguments.

auto_connect_arg_parser={"Example_1": False}

To exclude all unspecified parameters, set the * key to False. For example, the following code will log only the Example_2 parameter.

auto_connect_arg_parser={"Example_2": True, "*": False}

Remote Execution

In the UI, you can clone a task multiple times and modify it for execution by the ClearML Agent. The agent executes the code with the modifications you made in the UI, even overriding hardcoded values.

In the case that you connected a jsonargparse configuration file (e.g. with LightningCLI), make sure to set the _ignore_ui_overrides to False in the CONFIGURATION > HYPERPARAMETERS > ARGS section. That way, after the customized experiment is enqueued, the task will use the new values during execution.

Code Examples

See code examples demonstrating integrating ClearML with code that uses jsonargparse.