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Hyper Datasets

ClearML's Hyper Datasets are an MLOps-oriented abstraction of your data, which facilitates traceable, reproducible model development through parametrized data access and meta-data version control.

The basic premise is that a user-formed query is a full representation of the dataset used by the ML/DL process.

ClearML Enterprise's hyperdatasets supports rapid prototyping, creating new opportunities such as:

  • Hyperparameter optimization of the data itself
  • QA/QC pipelining
  • CD/CT (continuous training) during deployment
  • Enabling complex applications like collaborative (federated) learning.

Hyperdataset Components#

A hyperdataset is composed of the following components:

These components interact in a way that enables revising data and tracking and accessing all of its version.

Frames are the basics units of data in ClearML Enterprise. SingleFrames and FrameGroups make up a Dataset version. Dataset versions can be created, modified, and removed. The different version are recorded and available, so experiments and their data are reproducible and traceable.

Lastly, Dataviews manage views of the dataset with queries, so the input data to an experiment can be defined from a subset of a Dataset or combinations of Datasets.