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Cleanup Service

The cleanup service demonstrates how to use the clearml.backend_api.session.client.APIClient class to implement a service that deletes old archived tasks and their associated files: model checkpoints, other artifacts, and debug samples.

Modify the cleanup service’s parameters to specify which archived experiments to delete and when to delete them.

Running the Cleanup Service

Self deployed ClearML server

A template Cleanup Service task is available in the DevOps Services project. You can clone it, adapt its configuration to your needs, and enqueue it for execution directly from the ClearML UI.

Configure the task execution by modifying the args dictionary:

  • delete_threshold_days - Tasks older than this number of days will be deleted. The default value is 30 days.
  • cleanup_period_in_days - Repeat the cleanup service at this interval, in days. The default value is 1.0 (run once a day).
  • force_delete - If False (default), delete only Draft tasks. If True, allows deletion of tasks in any status.
  • run_as_service - If True (default), the task will be enqueued for remote execution (default queue: "services"). Otherwise, the script will execute locally.
Remote Execution

If run_as_service is set to True, make sure a clearml-agent is assigned to the services queue.

Now that the script is configured, execute it:


A new task called Cleanup Service is created in the DevOps project on your ClearML server. The script output should look similar to:

ClearML Task: created new task id=8126c0af800f4903be07421aa344d7b3
ClearML results page:
Cleanup service started
Starting cleanup
Deleting 100 tasks

This is followed by details from the cleanup.

The Cleanup Service Code creates an APIClient object that establishes a session with the ClearML Server, and accomplishes the cleanup by calling:

  • Tasks.get_all to get a list of Tasks to delete, providing the following parameters:
    • system_tags - Get only Tasks tagged as archived.
    • status_changed - Get Tasks whose last status change is older than then delete threshold (in seconds).
  • Task.delete - Delete a Task.


The experiment’s hyperparameters are explicitly logged to ClearML using the Task.connect method. View them in the WebApp, in the experiment’s CONFIGURATION page under HYPER PARAMETERS > General.

The task can be reused. Clone the task, edit its parameters, and enqueue the task to run in ClearML Agent services mode.

Cleanup service configuration


All console output appears in the experiment’s CONSOLE.

Cleanup service console