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Scalars Reporting

The script demonstrates explicit scalar reporting. ClearML reports scalars in the ClearML Web UI > experiment details > RESULTS tab > SCALARS sub-tab.

When the script runs, it creates an experiment named scalar reporting, which is associated with the examples project.

To reports scalars, call the Logger.report_scalar method. To report more than one series on the same plot, use the same title argument. For different plots, use different title arguments.

# report two scalar series on the same graph
for i in range(100):
Logger.current_logger().report_scalar("unified graph", "series A", iteration=i, value=1./(i+1))
Logger.current_logger().report_scalar("unified graph", "series B", iteration=i, value=10./(i+1))
# report two scalar series on two different graphs
for i in range(100):
Logger.current_logger().report_scalar("graph A", "series A", iteration=i, value=1./(i+1))
Logger.current_logger().report_scalar("graph B", "series B", iteration=i, value=10./(i+1))