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Media Reporting

The example demonstrates reporting (uploading) images, audio, and video. Use the Logger.report_media method to upload from:

  • Local path
  • BytesIO stream
  • URL of media already uploaded to some storage

ClearML uploads media to the bucket specified in the ClearML configuration file or ClearML can be configured for image storage, see Logger.set_default_upload_destination (storage for artifacts is different). Set credentials for storage in the ClearML configuration file.

ClearML reports media in the ClearML Web UI > experiment details > RESULTS tab > DEBUG SAMPLES sub-tab.

When the script runs, it creates an experiment named audio and video reporting, which is associated with the examples project.

Reporting (Uploading) Media from a Source by URL#

Report by calling the Logger.report_media method using the url parameter.

# report video, an already uploaded video media (url)
'video', 'big bunny', iteration=1,
# report audio, report an already uploaded audio media (url)
'audio', 'pink panther', iteration=1,

The reported audio can be viewed in the DEBUG SAMPLES sub-tab. Double click a thumbnail, and the audio player opens.


Reporting (Uploading) Media from a Local File#

Use the local_path parameter.

# report audio, report local media audio file
'audio', 'tada', iteration=1,
local_path=os.path.join('data_samples', 'sample.mp3'))

The reported video can be viewed in the DEBUG SAMPLES sub-tab. Double click a thumbnail, and the video player opens.