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ClearML Agent on Google Colab

Google Colab is a common development environment for data scientists. It supports a convenient IDE as well as compute provided by Google.

Users can transform a Google Colab instance into an available resource in ClearML using ClearML Agent.

This tutorial goes over how to create a ClearML worker node in a Google Colab notebook. Once the worker is up and running, users can send Tasks to be executed on Google Colab's hardware.


  • Be signed up for ClearML (or have a server deployed).
  • Have a Google account to access Google Colab


  1. Open up this Google Colab notebook.

  2. Run the first cell, which installs all the necessary packages:

    !pip install git+
    !pip install clearml-agent
  3. Run the second cell, which exports this environment variable:

    ! export MPLBACKEND=TkAg

    This environment variable makes Matplotlib work in headless mode, so it won't output graphs to the screen.

  4. Create new credentials. Go to your Settings page > WORKSPACE section. Under App Credentials, click + Create new credentials, and copy the information that pops up.

  5. Set the credentials. In the third cell, enter your own credentials:

    from clearml import Task

  6. In the fourth cell, launch a clearml-agent that will listen to the default queue:

    !clearml-agent daemon --queue default

    For additional options for running clearml-agent, see the clearml-agent reference.

    After executing cell 4, the worker appears in the Orchestration page of your server. Clone experiments and enqueue them to your hearts content! The clearml-agent will fetch experiments and execute them using the Google Colab hardware.