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The lightgbm_example script demonstrates the integration of ClearML into code that uses LightGBM.

The example script does the following:

  • Creates a dataset for LightGBM to train a model
  • Specifies configuration which are automatically captured by ClearML
  • Saves model which ClearML automatically captures
  • Creates an experiment named LightGBM in the examples project.


The scalars logged in the experiment can be visualized in a plot, which appears in the ClearML web UI, in the experiment's SCALARS tab.

LightGBM scalars


ClearML automatically logs the configurations applied to LightGBM. They appear in CONFIGURATIONS > HYPERPARAMETERS > GENERAL.

LightGBM hyperparameters


Models created by the experiment appear in the experiment's ARTIFACTS tab. ClearML automatically logs and tracks models and any snapshots created using LightGBM.

LightGBM model


All other console output appears in CONSOLE.

LightGBM console