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The script demonstrates multiple subprocesses interacting and reporting to a main Task. The following happens in the script:

  • This script initializes a main Task and spawns subprocesses, each for an instances of that Task.
  • Each Task in a subprocess references the main Task by calling Task.current_task(), which always returns the main Task.
  • The Task in each subprocess reports the following to the main Task:
    • Hyperparameters - Additional, different hyperparameters.
    • Console - Text logged to the console as the Task in each subprocess executes.
  • When the script runs, it creates an experiment named Popen example in the examples project.


ClearML automatically logs the command line options defined with argparse. A parameter dictionary is logged by connecting it to the Task using Task.connect().

additional_parameters = {
'stuff_' + str(randint(0, 100)): 'some stuff ' + str(randint(0, 100))

Command line options appear in CONFIGURATION > HYPERPARAMETERS > Args.


Parameter dictionaries appear in General.



Output to the console, including the text messages from the Task in each subprocess, appear in CONSOLE.