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Data Management with Python

The and together demonstrate how to use ClearML's Dataset class to create a dataset and subsequently ingest the data.

Dataset Creation

The script demonstrates how to do the following:

  • Create a dataset and add files to it
  • Upload the dataset to the ClearML Server
  • Finalize the dataset

Downloading the Data

We first need to obtain a local copy of the CIFAR dataset.

from clearml import StorageManager

manager = StorageManager()
dataset_path = manager.get_local_copy(

This script downloads the data and dataset_path contains the path to the downloaded data.

Creating the Dataset

from clearml import Dataset

dataset = Dataset.create(
dataset_project="dataset examples"

This creates a data processing task called cifar_dataset in the dataset examples project, which can be viewed in the WebApp.

Adding Files


This adds the downloaded files to the current dataset.

Uploading the Files


This uploads the dataset to the ClearML Server by default. The dataset's destination can be changed by specifying the target storage with the output_url parameter of the upload method.

Finalizing the Dataset

Run the finalize command to close the dataset and set that dataset's tasks status to completed. The dataset can only be finalized if it doesn't have any pending uploads.


After a dataset has been closed, it can no longer be modified. This ensures future reproducibility.

Information about the dataset can be viewed in the WebApp, in the dataset's details panel. In the panel's CONTENT tab, you can see a table summarizing version contents, including file names, file sizes, and hashes.

Dataset content tab

Data Ingestion

Now that we have a new dataset registered, we can consume it!

The script demonstrates data ingestion using the dataset created in the first script.

dataset_name = "cifar_dataset"
dataset_project = "dataset_examples"

dataset_path = Dataset.get(

The script above gets the dataset and uses the Dataset.get_local_copy method to return a path to the cached, read-only local dataset.

If you need a modifiable copy of the dataset, use the following:

Dataset.get(dataset_name, dataset_project).get_mutable_local_copy("path/to/download")

The script then creates a neural network to train a model to classify images from the dataset that was created above.