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ClearML Task Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will use clearml-task to execute this script on a remote or local machine, from the remote repository and from a local script.


  • clearml Python package installed

  • clearml-agent running on at least one machine (to execute the experiment) and assigned to listen to default queue

  • allegroai/events repository cloned (for local script execution)

Executing Code from a Remote Repository#

clearml-task --project keras_examples --name remote_test --repo --script /webinar-0620/ --args batch_size=64 epochs=1 --queue default

Provide clearml-task with the following arguments:

  1. --project keras_examples --name remote_test - The project and experiment name. If the project entered doesn't exist, a new project will be created with the selected name.

  2. --repo - The chosen repository's URL. By default, clearml-task will use the latest commit from the master branch.

  3. --script /webinar-0620/ - The script to be executed.

  4. --args batch_size=64 epochs=1 - Arguments passed to the script.
    This uses the argparse object to get CLI parameters.

  5. --queue default - Selected queue to send the experiment to.

Now clearml-task does the rest of the heavy-lifting!

  • It creates a new Task on the ClearML Server.
  • Then, the Task is enqueued in the selected execution queue, where it will be executed by an available clearml-agent assigned to that queue.

Your output should look something like this:

New task created id=2f96ee95b05d4693b360d0fcbb26b727
Task id=2f96ee95b05d4693b360d0fcbb26b727 sent for execution on queue default
Execution log at:

clearml-task automatically finds the requirements.txt file in remote repositories. If a remote repo does not have such a file, make sure to either add one with all the required Python packages, or add the --packages '<package_name> flag to the command.

Executing a Local Script#

Using clearml-task to execute a local script is very similar to using it with a remote repo.

For this example, we will be using a local version of this script.

  1. Go to the root folder of the cloned allegroai/events repository
  2. Run clearml-task by executing:
clearml-task --project keras --name local_test --script webinar-0620/ --requirements webinar-0620/requirements.txt --args epochs=1 --queue default

Notice that the command is almost identical to executing code from a git repository. The only differences are:

  • --script webinar-0620/ - Pointing clearml-task to a local script.
  • --requirements webinar-0620/requirements.txt - Manually specifying a requirements.txt file.

After executing clearml-task, a Task will be created according to the parameters entered. The Task will be sent to a queue for execution.