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To upgrade ClearML Server Docker deployment:

  1. Shut down the docker containers.

  2. Execute one of the following commands, depending upon the version that is being upgraded:

    • Upgrading ClearML Server version:

      docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml down
    • Upgrading from Trains Server to ClearML Server:

      docker-compose -f c:\opt\trains\docker-compose-win10.yml down
  3. If upgrading from Trains Server version 0.15 or older, a data migration is required before continuing this upgrade. See instructions here.

  4. If upgrading from ClearML Server version older than 1.2, you need to migrate your data before upgrading your server. See instructions here.

  5. Backing up data is recommended, and if the configuration folder is not empty, backing up the configuration.


    For example, if the configuration is in c:\opt\clearml, then backup c:\opt\clearml\config and c:\opt\clearml\data. Before restoring, remove the old artifacts in c:\opt\clearml\config and c:\opt\clearml\data, and then restore.

  6. If upgrading from Trains Server to ClearML Server, rename /opt/trains and its subdirectories to /opt/clearml.

  7. Download the latest docker-compose.yml file.

    curl -o c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml
  8. Startup ClearML Server. This automatically pulls the latest ClearML Server build.

    docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml pull
    docker-compose -f c:\opt\clearml\docker-compose-win10.yml up -d

If issues arise during your upgrade, see the FAQ page, How do I fix Docker upgrade errors?.