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Kubernetes Helm


This documentation page applies to deploying your own open source ClearML Server. It does not apply to ClearML Hosted Service users.


We strongly encourage to keep the ClearML Server up to date, by upgrading to the current release.

  1. Upgrade using new or upgraded values.yaml

    helm upgrade clearml-server allegroai/clearml-server-chart -f new-values.yaml
  2. If ClearML Server was previously deployed, first delete old deployments using the following command:

    helm delete --purge clearml-server
  3. If upgrading from Trains Server version 0.15 or older to ClearML Server, a data migration is required before upgrading. First follow these data migration instructions, and then continue this upgrade.

  4. Upgrade deployment to match repository version.

    helm upgrade clearml-server allegroai/clearml-server-chart