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Deployment of ClearML Server on AWS is easily performed using AWS AMIs, which are available in the AWS community AMI catalog. The ClearML Server community AMIs are configured by default without authentication to allow quick access and onboarding.

After deploying the AMI, configure the ClearML Server instance to provide the authentication scheme that best matches the workflow.

For information about upgrading a ClearML Server in an AWS instance, see here.


If ClearML Server is being reinstalled, clearing browser cookies for ClearML Server is recommended. For example, for Firefox, go to Developer Tools > Storage > Cookies, and for Chrome, go to Developer Tools > Application > Cookies, and delete all cookies under the ClearML Server URL.



By default, ClearML Server deploys as an open network. To restrict ClearML Server access, follow the instructions in the Security page.

The minimum recommended amount of RAM is 8 GB. For example, a t3.large or t3a.large EC2 instance type would accommodate the recommended RAM size.

To launch a ClearML Server AWS community AMI, use one of the ClearML Server AWS community AMIs and see:

Accessing ClearML Server

Once deployed, ClearML Server exposes the following services:

  • Web server on TCP port 8080
  • API server on TCP port 8008
  • File Server on TCP port 8081

To locate ClearML Server address:

  1. Go to AWS EC2 Console.
  2. In the Details tab, Public DNS (IPv4) shows the ClearML Server address.

To access ClearML Server WebApp (UI):

  • Direct browser to its web server URL: http://<Server Address>:8080

To SSH into ClearML Server:

  • Log into the AWS AMI using the default username ec2-user. Control the SSH credentials from the AWS management console.

Logging in to the WebApp (UI)

Enter any name to log in to the ClearML WebApp (UI). If needed, modify the default login behavior to match workflow policy, see Configuring Web Login Authentication on the "Configuring Your Own ClearML Server" page.

Storage Configuration

The pre-built ClearML Server storage configuration is the following:

  • MongoDB: /opt/clearml/data/mongo_4/
  • Elasticsearch: /opt/clearml/data/elastic_7/
  • File Server: /opt/clearml/data/fileserver/

Backing Up and Restoring Data and Configuration


Stop your server before backing up or restoring data and configuration


If data is being moved between a Trains Server and a ClearML Server installation, make sure to use the correct paths for backup and restore (/opt/trains and /opt/clearml respectively).

The commands in this section are examples for backing up and restoring data and configuration.

If data and configuration folders are in /opt/clearml, then archive all data into ~/clearml_backup_data.tgz, and configuration into ~/clearml_backup_config.tgz:

sudo tar czvf ~/clearml_backup_data.tgz -C /opt/clearml/data .
sudo tar czvf ~/clearml_backup_config.tgz -C /opt/clearml/config .

If data and configuration need to be restored:

  1. Verify you have the backup files.

  2. Replace any existing data with the backup data:

    sudo rm -fR /opt/clearml/data/* /opt/clearml/config/*
    sudo tar -xzf ~/clearml_backup_data.tgz -C /opt/clearml/data
    sudo tar -xzf ~/clearml_backup_config.tgz -C /opt/clearml/config
  3. Grant access to the data:

    sudo chown -R 1000:1000 /opt/clearml

ClearML Server AWS Community AMIs

The following section contains a list of AMI Image IDs per-region for the latest ClearML Server version.

Latest Version


  • af-south-1 : ami-082c41392599317e5
  • ap-east-1 : ami-0dd992397a979922c
  • ap-northeast-1 : ami-04d0e43e2c165b7e3
  • ap-northeast-2 : ami-0160bf5649141984d
  • ap-northeast-3 : ami-0e1c923da2bd51167
  • ap-south-1 : ami-0cdf7c211475f3a04
  • ap-south-2 : ami-094b28d8dc0bc8a9b
  • ap-southeast-1 : ami-0f8b23d1b361fc160
  • ap-southeast-2 : ami-015d54d17cb26ff61
  • ap-southeast-3 : ami-08b3c73a939afc887
  • ap-southeast-4 : ami-0d46f3ef19e1c5b78
  • ca-central-1 : ami-0aefb0810bf8060d2
  • ca-west-1 : ami-04ae0035a7bd7a136
  • eu-central-1 : ami-0b125f7136e505a05
  • eu-central-2 : ami-0ddcc4635e97d7d16
  • eu-north-1 : ami-00adacc6aff8470a3
  • eu-south-1 : ami-0322e9be2b4ac1bf1
  • eu-south-2 : ami-0cc6ad52cd6327ed8
  • eu-west-1 : ami-04899c6eb75c421e8
  • eu-west-2 : ami-086a230f11bb3d3c3
  • eu-west-3 : ami-0842181eaf6839288
  • il-central-1 : ami-060bd6d9f7d78a222
  • me-central-1 : ami-0d5f6f979d83b5a72
  • me-south-1 : ami-05c73ebd173c00cb9
  • sa-east-1 : ami-0b87492a81682614a
  • us-east-1 : ami-06b430aec5a4951d2
  • us-east-2 : ami-0b150fff20cc2d641
  • us-west-1 : ami-003f294c14a15b608
  • us-west-2 : ami-0039ade7076eb680e

Next Step

To keep track of your experiments and/or data, the clearml package needs to communicate with your server. For instruction to connect the ClearML SDK to the server, see Getting Started: First Steps.