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ClearML Server

What is ClearML Server?

The ClearML Server is the backend service infrastructure for ClearML. It allows multiple users to collaborate and manage their experiments by working seamlessly with the ClearML Python package and ClearML Agent.

ClearML Server is composed of the following:

  • Web server including the ClearML Web UI, which is the user interface for tracking, comparing, and managing experiments.

  • API server which is a RESTful API for:

    • Documenting and logging experiments, including information, statistics, and results.
    • Querying experiments history, logs, and results.
  • File server which stores media and models making them easily accessible using the ClearML Web UI.

The ClearML Hosted Service is essentially the ClearML Server maintained for you.


The ClearML Web UI is the ClearML user interface and is part of ClearML Server.

Use the ClearML Web UI to:

  • Track experiments
  • Compare experiments
  • Manage experiments

For detailed information about the ClearML Web UI, see User Interface.

ClearML Server also comes with a services agent preinstalled.


The ClearML Server can be deployed in any of the formats listed below. Once deployed, configure the server for web login authentication, subdomains, and load balancers, and use any of its many configuration settings.

To deploy your own ClearML Server:

  1. Deploy clearml-server using any of the available formats, which include:

  2. Optionally, configure ClearML Server for additional features, including subdomains and load balancers, web login authentication, and the non-responsive task watchdog.

  3. Configure ClearML for ClearML Server


When necessary, upgrade your ClearML Server on any of the available formats:

If you are using v0.15 or Older, upgrade to ClearML Server.