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Configuring ClearML

ClearML can be tailored to your requirements by setting configurations in a variety of methods. All ClearML and ClearML Agent configurations can be set in the clearml.conf file, which serves as the baseline configuration of both packages. For detailed information about the configurable options in ClearML and ClearML Agent, see the Configuration File reference page.

ClearML supports reading configuration values from environment variables. Configuration entries specified in this manner override values specified in the clearml.conf file. See Environment Variables for parameter specification.

Enterprise users can insert configuration snippets into the configuration vault. When enabled, configuration entries from the vault are applied on top of the configuration specified in clearml.conf. New definitions will extend the clearml.conf configurations, and existing definitions will be overridden. For more information, see Configuration vault.

The different ClearML configuration methods take precedence as summarized in the following list (higher ordered methods override the lower ones):

  1. Command-line arguments (e.g. clearml-task, clearml-agent, clearml-session, clearml-data arguments)
  2. Environment variables
  3. Configuration vault
  4. Configuration file