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Data Management with Python

The and together demonstrate how to use ClearML's Dataset class to create a dataset and subsequently ingest the data.

Dataset Creation#

The script demonstrates how to do the following:

  • Create a dataset and add files to it
  • Upload the dataset to the ClearML Server
  • Finalize the dataset

Downloading the Data#

We first need to obtain a local copy of the CIFAR dataset.

from clearml import StorageManager
manager = StorageManager()
dataset_path = manager.get_local_copy(

This script downloads the data and dataset_path contains the path to the downloaded data.

Creating the Dataset#

from clearml import Dataset
dataset = Dataset.create(
dataset_project="dataset examples"

This creates a data processing task called cifar_dataset in the dataset examples project, which can be viewed in the WebApp.

Adding Files#


This adds the downloaded files to the current dataset.

Uploading the Files#


This uploads the dataset to the ClearML Server by default. The dataset's destination can be changed by specifying the target storage with the output_url parameter of the upload method.

Finalizing the Dataset#

Run the finalize command to close the dataset and set that dataset's tasks status to completed. The dataset can only be finalized if it doesn't have any pending uploads.


After a dataset has been closed, it can no longer be modified. This ensures future reproducibility.

The information about the dataset, including a list of files and their sizes, can be viewed in the WebApp, in the dataset task's ARTIFACTS tab.


Data Ingestion#

Now that we have a new dataset registered, we can consume it!

The script demonstrates data ingestion using the dataset created in the first script.

dataset_name = "cifar_dataset"
dataset_project = "dataset_examples"
dataset_path = Dataset.get(

The script above gets the dataset and uses the Dataset.get_local_copy method to return a path to the cached, read-only local dataset.

If you need a modifiable copy of the dataset, use the following code:

Dataset.get(dataset_name, dataset_project).get_mutable_local_copy("path/to/download")

The script then creates a neural network to train a model to classify images from the dataset that was created above.