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This reference page provides detailed information about ClearML Agent's build subcommand, which you can use to create a worker environment without executing the experiment.


clearml-agent build [-h] --id TASK_ID [--target TARGET]
[--docker [DOCKER [DOCKER ...]]] [--force-docker]
[--python-version PYTHON_VERSION]
[--entry-point {reuse_task,clone_task}] [-O]
[--git-user GIT_USER] [--git-pass GIT_PASS]
[--gpus GPUS] [--cpu-only]


id (mandatory)

  • Build a worker environment for this Task ID.


  • Disable GPU access for the Docker container.


  • Docker mode. A Docker container that a worker will execute at launch.

    To specify the image name and optional arguments, either:

    • Use --docker <image_name> <args> on the command line, or

    • Use --docker on the command line, and specify the image name and arguments in the configuration file.

      Environment variable settings for Dockers:

    • CLEARML_DOCKER_SKIP_GPUS_FLAG - Ignore the gpus flag inside the Docker container. This also allows you to execute ClearML Agent using Docker versions earlier than 19.03.

    • NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES - Limit GPU visibility for the Docker container.

    • CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_USER and CLEARML_AGENT_GIT_PASS - Pass these credentials to the Docker container at execution.

      To limit GPU visibility for Docker, set the NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment variable.


  • Used in conjunction with --docker, indicates how to run the Task specified by task-id on Docker startup. The entry-point options are:
    • reuse - Overwrite the existing Task data.
    • clone_task - Clone the Task, and execute the cloned Task.


  • Force using the agent-specified docker image (either explicitly in the --docker argument or using the agent's default docker image). If provided, the agent will not use any docker container information stored in the task itself (default False)


  • Git password for repository access.


  • Git username for repository access.


  • Specify the active GPUs for the Docker containers to use. These are the same GPUs set in the NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment variable. For example:
    • --gpus 0
    • --gpu 0,1,2
    • --gpus all

h, help

  • Get help for this command.


  • Install the required Python packages before creating the virtual environment. Use agent.package_manager.system_site_packages to control the installation of the system packages. When --docker is used, install-globally is always true.


  • SDK log level. The values are:
    • DEBUG
    • INFO
    • WARN
    • ERROR


  • Virtual environment Python version to use.


  • Compile optimized pyc code (see python documentation). Repeat for more optimization.


  • The target folder for the virtual environment and source code that will be used at launch.