Introducing ClearGPT from ClearML

May 31, 2023

Introducing ClearGPT from ClearML

The first secure, enterprise-grade generative AI platform

We have an exciting announcement! On Thursday, May 18, we released ClearGPT, the first generative AI platform that transcends enterprise ChatGPT challenges. ClearGPT is the only secure, enterprise-grade platform offering state-of-the-art LLMs, tailored to your business data and running securely on your network, to power enterprise AI transformation.

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ClearGPT is a low-code, secure, end-to-end LLM for the enterprise, featuring data ingress, training, quality control, and deployment. This means users can refine generative AI models on their own internal data with a click of a button. So if you love ChatGPT but can’t use it within your own enterprise because of its significant business risks using your internal data and limitations such as security, performance, data governance and lack of customization to your unique use cases, you’re in luck!

ClearGPT is built on top of ClearML, the leading open source, end-to-end solution for unleashing AI in the enterprise. The underlying ClearML platform, an open source DevOps for DL/ML, allows for rapid deployment and user customization. It also taps into our vibrant open source community, ensuring that enterprises always get access to the latest AI technologies. As you may know, ClearML is a certified NVIDIA AI Enterprise partner. As such, ClearML offers its ClearGPT platform customers access to state-of-the-art foundational models that have been trained on large GPU clusters, providing impactful performance right out of the box and requiring no initial compute investment. Using these models, ClearGPT customers can quickly customize LLM performance to meet their needs with substantial cost savings and faster time to market.

ClearGPT is designed for the most demanding enterprise environments to revolutionize your business performance, build smart, and innovate faster. It handles the entire end-to-end process of AI model building and deployment inside the organization’s secure network. This means data is not passed to a third-party company or vendor, and internal data access privileges are maintained. This process ensures enterprises retain 100% ownership of the data and any AI created from it, unlike with other generative AI-as-a-Service solutions. 

ClearGPT addresses the limitations of ChatGPT and other xGPT solutions by addressing concerns such as:

  • SECURITY & COMPLIANCE: Enterprises rely on public APIs to access generative AI models and xGPT solutions, leaving them vulnerable to data leaks and privacy concerns, jeopardizing enterprise IP and knowledge ownership of highly sensitive enterprise data shared with third parties. With ClearGPT, organizations can keep data safe within their network with zero leakage and maximum control.
  • PERFORMANCE & COST: Unlike other xGPT solutions where GPT performance is a static black-box, ClearGPT gives enterprise customers unparalleled model performance with live feedback and customization at reduced running costs. 
  • GOVERNANCE: Other solutions lack the ability to restrict sensitive data inside the organization, with ClearGPT organizations can preserve privacy and access control inside the enterprise using role-based access and data governance across business units as well as complying with government regulations. 
  • DATA: Other xGPT solutions own your enterprise data or leak it to competitors. With ClearGPT, you can preserve company knowledge, generate AI models, maintain your competitive edge  and enjoy complete corporate IP protection.
  • CUSTOMIZATION & FLEXIBILITY: Other xGPT solutions do not allow training on specific data. ClearGPT provides unmatched capabilities with human reinforcement feedback loops and continuous fresh data, delivering AI that learns and adapts to each enterprise’s unique DNA while being completely model- and multimodal-agnostic. With ClearGPT enterprises can adopt and use any open-source LLM with a click of a button.

ClearGPT allows you to take any code base, package it, and expand the capabilities, so you can reuse the latest state-of-the-art LLMs that the global open source community creates. 

Key Features

As a drop-in replacement for an LLM chat interface (such as ChatGPT), ClearGPT allows enterprises to control and create AI models directly from their organizational data, without losing any AI-as-a-Service capabilities. 

ClearGPT handles the entire end-to-end workflow securely and at scale, including data ingress (for example, customers can gather internal business data from any source like SharePoint, Google Drive, or Slack), choosing a model and training the data, then moving to the QA phase to test and assess model quality. Enterprises can use ClearGPT to:

  • deploy their model as an API
  • embed it into their internal applications 
  • integrate it into their workflow

The ClearGPT platform ensures that the trained models inherit the same access rights as the original data, providing a secure environment for enterprises. This preserves privacy and access control, enabling business for the first time to harness the power of AI without compromising data security.

ClearGPT is a full VPC-deployed solution, as all of its moving parts are easily deployed on our customers’ network. This means that the entire end-to-end service is running inside the secure perimeter of our customers, with no data being sent outside. The ClearGPT platform meets the highest regulatory requirements and standards, ensuring the safety of our customers’ IP and data at all times.

Security and Compliance Benefits

For an organization to comply with ISO 27001, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, and other compliance standards, it should refrain from sharing its customers’ sensitive information as well as its own sensitive data. Unfortunately when it comes to AI-as-a-Service, there is zero control over the type of data being transferred outside the company, which makes it difficult to maintain compliance. ClearGPT, on the other hand, operates inside the secure network of the organization, ensuring no data is sent outside to third parties and the original owner of the data remains the same. The platform’s design ensures no company would leak private internal data and enterprises can continue to provide the level of privacy their customers expect. 

With ClearGPT, organizations gain optimal performance and retain complete control over their data, intelligence and insights, making it the ideal solution for companies that value data privacy, security, and unmatched AI innovation across the enterprise.

Comprehensive Customization

Building AI models on internal data and ensuring continuous fresh data to the model training process provides enterprises with dynamic AI that has visibility into the most recent version of the organizational data. AI models are trained and deployed inside the enterprise’s secure network, and the ClearGPT platform ensures customers retain 100% ownership of any model built and refined on top of our platform. This means competitors will never have access to the capabilities you are developing internally.

ClearGPT allows enterprises to combine multiple data sources into a single AI model. By doing so, it enables the model to get direct access to numerous data signals and insights. This enables any new AI request to infer and correlate hidden connections between data sources and provide new business insights that are otherwise non-trivial or impossible to correlate with current enterprise data tools or dashboards. 

ClearGPT is fully customizable to your enterprise’s unique use cases, and can be easily integrated with any business applications. We designed ClearGPT as low code to allow rapid internal adoption by CxO’s, business units, and knowledge workers – there’s no AI experience needed. 

Unparalleled Model Performance

AI-as-a-service provides a single model to catch them all, which is great when it works, but trying to get accurate results is challenging. That’s why we are seeing mainly consumers adopting it, but not enterprises. Prompt engineering was developed as a way to interface with a static model and provide “virtual knobs” to make it perform the way you want it to. ClearGPT, on the other hand, allows you to take an already working LLM model and retrain it to achieve the specific tasks you set for it, no need for black-box fiddling; you can just point towards the correct answer and let the AI do the rest. Extending these capabilities, ClearGPT allows enterprises to replace the entire underlying model architecture. This means you are always up to date with the latest and greatest from the LLM community or you can develop your own internal LLM capabilities – both without losing the ability to retrain and deploy with a click of a button. 

ClearGPT trains your models with your data, resulting in unparalleled model performance, live feedback and reduced running costs. ClearGPT sets itself apart from the competition by offering the unique advantage of continuously improving the performance of our foundational models internally, ensuring models’ answers based on fresh data and your feedback. Unlike other solutions, where their GPT performance remains fixed and cannot be improved because they’re working off stale, inaccurate data. 

Data Governance, Privacy, and RBAC

Borrowing from existing data management solutions, ClearGPT offers role-based access control on top of the AI model access APIs. This means access privileges tied with data sources are passed along the lifecycle of the AI models, ensuring that only users with permitted access to the original data models were trained on could access the AI model interfaces. With these capabilities, ClearGPT ensures full governance on any AI model created or managed on the platform. From the data sources to access rights, everything is logged and tracked to provide full compliance with any government regulation and standards. 

This means that you can rest easy, knowing that you can harness the power of AI to drive cross-business unit innovation while being assured that your models do not leak your data internally and that your organization is protected from potential privacy infringement, giving you full control and governance over your valuable data.

Multiple New Use Cases

ClearGPT enables enterprises to benefit from an out-of-the-box platform for enterprise-grade LLMs, agnostic to any model types, without the risk or pricey and time-consuming maintenance and overhead. For example, ClearGPT enables you to power an enterprise chat agent that answers even the most complex questions based on internal and external enterprise data. The result: A completely new frontier of enterprise knowledge, with CxOs and knowledge workers able to re-imagine the possibilities of business and unleash the transformative power of AI within their diverse functions. 

We have seen enterprises embed ClearGPT into productivity-enhancing workflows; for example, automated content marketing creation and semi-automated documentation processes. We have also seen support bots trained on a corpus of internal support use cases and datasets to help support teams and customers with product installation and maintenance. Finally, one of the most requested use cases is internal search capabilities, allowing enterprises to use natural language to explore internal content created on multiple platforms. Imagine what you can do with it:

CDOs, CDAOs and other Data Leaders – Use ClearGPT to unlock value and drive sustainable growth in today’s data-driven business environment: improve internal business alignment, drive data-driven transformation across business units, and enhance compliance and efficiency in data storage, architecture, and management.

CIOs, and Other Strategic Leaders – Use it to ensure the business is on track to meet its short and long-term goals, prepared for risks ahead, and protected by advanced safeguards for security and compliance. Achieve faster time to value, amplifying your ability to deliver on strategic goals and shareholder expectations. Drive strategic initiatives with precision, effectively manage risks, ensure compliance, and streamline critical processes. Get instant data to help inform real-time decision-making and contribute to actionable insights.

CTOs and Other Technology Leaders – Enable a more intelligent level of automation, boost engineering productivity to ship code faster, and gain a greater level of insight on current and future needs of the business. Develop your plans for strategic investments with more information on every department and implement a smarter, more future-proofed architecture.

CPOs and Other Product Leaders – Use ClearGPT for product innovation: the ideation or design of new products, roadmap planning, insights into customer behavior, specific customer experience suggestions based on usage data, ways to enhance product adoption, and potentially even personalized user interfaces (UIs) tailored to an individual customer’s characteristics and needs. 

CMOs and Other Marketing Leaders – Operationalize data-driven insights on purchase intent, engagement, and shifts in preferences at never before seen speeds, enabling real-time pivoting to stay aligned with your customers. Instantly know any metric on marketing performance across products or geographies, and follow the full customer lifecycle through sales and account management.

CFOs and Other Financial Leaders – Elevate the strategic focus of your team by harnessing the power of insights derived from real-time data from logistics, supply chain, customer purchasing behavior, and other relevant factors for developing more complex financial models. 


We believe ClearGPT will revolutionize the enterprise AI space. It allows enterprise companies to create automated AI-backed processing that until a few years ago were considered science fiction, all with the full control and ownership of data and models. 

Enterprises will be able to use ClearGPT to drive innovation, productivity and efficiency at vast scale and develop new internal and external products faster and at reduced costs, outmaneuver the competition, and create new AI revenue streams.

With the release of new AI models to market, enterprises will be building more and more standalone automated processes where employees will only need to supervise the AI performance and direct it towards the best path of action, this is the beginning of a new industrialized AI era and we are proud to be the first to lead enterprises into it.

To take advantage of the power of AI transformation within your organization and experience the power of ClearGPT for yourself, visit our website to request a demo.


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