Launches New Startup and Partner Programs

November 29, 2018

After receiving investments from leading enterprises Hyundai and Bosch, we are happy to announce the launch of two new strategic  initiatives – The Startup Program and The Partner Network.

We will be making our enterprise grade platform available to selected startups that demonstrate the potential to produce radical solutions but lack the infrastructure to do so. Startups that meet the fiscal standards will gain access to the platform with a reduced-price business model rendered in a streamlined offering.

Startups that get accepted will enjoy access to the full platform at a simplified business and pricing model and a reduced price for a period of one or two years. Additional integration, consulting and professional services are not an integral part of the program and will require a parallel engagement.

The ecosystem surrounding Deep learning (talent, tools, infrastructure, etc.) is underdeveloped. The tools, platforms and systems we take for granted in traditional software development do not exist as standardized commercial solutions in the Deep learning arena. The Startup Program is’s contribution to facilitating the proliferation of enterprise-grade AI technologies.

Today, the advanced Deep learning ecosystem mostly relies on research, and the challenge facing companies in general and startups specifically is to scale DL from research phases into development and production.

We are also announcing  the launch of our  Partner Program, following dry-runs with select partners. System integrator and professional services providers can now leverage’s platform to create Grade-A Deep learning computer vision products and services for their customers. addresses one of the major concerns large companies have – their reluctance to expose their data or models to system integrators. By leveraging’s platform and products, system integrators and professional service providers can provide services and solutions to their customers, without being exposed to their customers’ data.

Finished solutions, layered on top of can be presented packaged with the platform to customers. This allows for multiple benefits as more and more customers today expect delivery of all source code and versioning history. Consequently, delivery on grants service suppliers to meet minimum requisites at certain times and enable premium valuation at others. In the end, the platform enables easy upkeep and QA by the service supplier at the customer’s site during PoCs and beyond.

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